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We Are Insured and Bonded

We've been coming to this area for many years, and retired here in 2011. We bought our first cabin on Mullett Lake in 1992. We have since torn down our original place and built our retirement home. We were thinking of something to do in our golden years and came up with the idea for caretaking services. We know first hand of the hassles and pleasures of owning and maintaining vacation property. Sometimes it is hard to be in two places at once and we know how precious your time is when you are here. We understand the challenges of protecting and caring for a home that is empty for weeks or months at a time. It would be nice to know that you have someone you can call when the need arises. We are now permanent residents of the Inland Lakes area and would like to make your vacation home ownership experience easier. We also hope to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that we are always here and always watching.



Mike & Karen



Our basic caretaking plan includes the following:

1. Weekly exterior security and building integrity checks. Grounds inspection. Checking windows and doors. Monitoring of outdoor light. 2. Checking propane levels. 3. Monthly interior checks to monitor lighting, refrigeration and heating systems. 4. During periods of severe cold, weekly interior checks during which we will check for frozen pipes and functioning heat. 5. Extra exterior checks immediately following severe weather, including snowstorms, electrical storms or heavy winds and rain. 6. Preparation for your arrival upon request which will include turning up heat or air, and turning on lights for a night time arrival. 7. Driveway sign that shows that Cabin Caretaking Services is watching. (optional)

About our approach to caretaking:

We offer 365 day a year caretaking services for your home in the Inland Lakes Area. We are here the day a big snowstorm hits, the day a damaging windstorm happens, and the day after you leave on Labor Day weekend, leaving your home empty and unwatched for perhaps weeks or months at a time. We will also notify you immediately by phone of any problems we have noted on your property or in your home. If you require additional services, just ask! Our basic caretaking plan rates are $60 per month for a 12-month contract and $65 per month for a 6-month contract. If you do not already have snow removal services to allow fire safety vehicles to access your home, arrangements can be made with local snow removal professionals at their current rate. Please also use the form on our sign up page to supply us with the necessary information to get things started.

Handyman Services

Cabin Caretaking Services can provide you with experienced, quality services to help you maintain your home. We offer minor handyman services for your home. If more extensive repairs or other remodeling are required, arrangements can be made with third party local contractors. We try to minimize any inconvenience to you by scheduling your projects for times when your property will be vacant.


Some housewarming idea's to consider could include, but certainly not limited to. Dusting of the premises, vacuuming, mopping, etc.

Rates for handyman & housewarming

We charge $35 per hour for handyman services and $30 per hour for housewarming and cleaning services. We will require a key and any security information that we will need for entering your home when you are gone for caretaking services.



Use this form for any inquiries.

Indian River, MI
Phone: 248-863-6117
Email: mullettlk@gmail.com

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Serving properties in a 15 mile radius.